Online English

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Online English

IRSHAD Global invites professionals from non-English-speaking countries to attend English classes which offer a unique blend of easy learning materials and Solution-Focused Coaching contents in the class curriculum.
The Curriculum is designed to produce graduates with competitive skills in English, with practice to embrace own values and a deep level of personal commitment to deliver their best in class and readiness to embark into the real world. The RESOTA method invented by Ida Rafiqah is integrated in class curriculums that encourages and allows students to participate in class dynamic fully and consciously.

Classes are delivered in 4 Modules in 4 months and cover:

  • EXCITEMENT: support learners to break down the inner walls so that courageous FIRST steps of communicating in this global language taken with excitement.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Implement knowledge with a good grasp of grammar.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Speak at ease, and engage with various topics and persons.
  • FLOW: Engage in conversation without hesitation, and have good control of oneself in any given situation.

During Covid19, the used to be face-to-face classes are now designed to fully implemented virtually. Learners from all corners of the world are more flexible to join classes from the comfort of their homes. Classes will be convened by experienced pedagogue with a deep understanding on adult learning methodologies to provide effective learning solutions through instructor-led and online channels. Classes also present a professional IELTS preparation teacher and certified English examiner, and native speakers in different sessions.

There is a variety of professional classes available at IRSHAD Global. Include among them are classes for Imams, classes for pharmacists, classes for lecturer at universities. Each group has unique learning outcomes that shape the tailored curriculums developed for them. Vocabulary and the flow of discussions may be different from those in medical profession and those in agriculture trading. IRSHAD Global respects this exclusive identity of its disciples. IRSHAD allows learners to identify needs, clarify what to achieve, and recognize tasks to carry out so that the learning process is conducted with consciousness fully and completely. The exceptional blend between the rules of English grammar and the content of solution-focused coaching at ORSHAD Global is one of its kind among continued education service providers.

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“ In IRSHAD Global’s English course, the classes modules are presented in a systematic way, combining motivation, grammar, and engagement with native speakers. I especially like the Resota method introduced by Ibu Ida, where the emphasis is on repetitive expression. That helps in improving our commitment to learning. I recommend everyone to try this approach of Irshad Global.”
Andi Tenri Sukki

Andi Tenri Sukki


“Hi, my full name is Zulfia Yusuf and you can call me Fia. I am a teacher at Junior High School. I live at Sawangan Depok, Indonesia. After joining conversation class in IRSHAD Global, I have the courage to speak to everyone, not only in front of my students. And I get tips and teach how to be more effective.”

Zulfia Yusuf


“I am very grateful to participate in the IRSHAD Global’s English course. The material and engaging and presented very professional. I encourage government officials and people in business who deal with documents in English in their daily jobs to take part in this program.”

Abdul Rahman

Government official