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Canada is rich, with many cultures and faiths brought by landed immigrants seeking their final nesting place in this country. These immigrants arrived from many different parts of the world and brought a wealth of life experiences that have guided them courageously to arrive in this country. They carry valuable stories that are enjoyable to listen to and can also be learned from. For example, a medical doctor who graduated in a faraway country has successfully completed the Canadian Medical Association’s exams and has received her residency in Ottawa’s busiest hospital. She is now able to work as a obstetric-gynecologist, her former profession back home.

In the midst of enjoying her dream job, she soon found out her mother back home is in a severe, frail condition. She is functioning more like a baby. She worked all the way to bring her mother to Canada for a better care. With a program of the government of Canada, she is able to bring her to live in Ottawa. Also, her sister has had a mental disability since childhood. When her mother received support from the government, she put in great effort to bring her sister and brother too.

Now that all of them are here, it has become her daily routine to take care of all of them. All her time and skills as a medical doctor are poured out for the family. Despite the support she received from the government, she decided to spend great amounts of time and effort taking care of her ailing mother and her disabled sister. She left her career, her own dream job in the hospital. Her persistence to see a bigger dream, as well as her love of her family members who are in need, have been her strongest desire and motivation.
I can never be able to pay my mother the way she cared of me when I was a child until I was a successful doctor back home. Now that she is old and in need of me, I cannot afford to leave her, said Dr. Mouizzati. A courageous decision which not many people can do in this much egotistic world.

POSITIVE ZONE is a semi-documentary educational youtube channel that portrays the life of women in Canada. It provides a platform for women in Canada to share their stories (kisah) of how life has brought them to where they are at now. It features ordinary women and how they bring success to their family. It brings forward those whose voices are only heard by their praying mats. Women who have lived through thick and thin. Through this program, we hope our viewers may learn from the many fragrances of life they have breathed in.

Positive Zone is aimed at providing a series of collaborative conversations which connect at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and visions. It enables a process of discovery and realizations within our own lives.

The target audience of the program is Indonesians in Indonesia and abroad. Therefore, videos are presented with strong connections with Indonesia. The videos will be bilingual, in Bahasa Indonesia and English. If the resource person being interviewed is able to speak Bahasa Indonesia the presenter (Ida Rafiqah) will speak Bahasa Indonesia, and English subtitles will appear, and vice versa.