Corporate & Management Coaching

The world of human capacity development has long been studied and has produced a variety of knowledge streams and professions. We are exposed to professions which provide services such as training, mentorship, counselling, teaching, and consulting.
In the last thirty years, a new branch has developed where a willing individual is invited to explore their own true self. It is in the well, present moment with the absence of assumptions that symptoms or behavioral patterns need to be fixed, or healed. With full awareness of the current situation, the individual is guided to enter a transformational world they have always dreamt of and set up actions to improve identified weak areas. In a fairly short period, this new profession has bloomed and successfully helped many individuals to transform into an uplifted life condition. It is Solution-Focused Coaching. Since then, many organizations benefit from having individual employees adopt its principles, utilizing its approaches in transforming companies to reach their goal in fast and trackable ways. Coaching helps high-functioning executives and managers bridge the gap to their next level of success. Coaching gives executives and managers the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills.

IRSHAD Global has evolved to a variety of services. However, it has its roots in Maple Coaching Services. It has supported many immigrants, both through individual one-on-one Coaching transformational conversations, as well as external partnership. Through a variety of tailored motivational sessions, it helped identify the true intention of many individuals.

Group/ organization coaching:

  • Organizational Development Transformation/ Re-Inspiration
  • Team and Group Programs
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Tailored Transformational Training for leaders

    Corporate/ Business Workshop Design:
  • A full day Employee Self-Discovery workshop
  • Two sessions in a day, each 2.5 hours long, of a Solution-focused Corporate Transformation workshop
    Tailored programs
  • Leaders Engagement
  • Human Capacity Development Training, Interactive Conversations (in-house Group Coaching)
  • Staff (Self) Review : Annual or Semi-Annual Performance Review
  • Organizational Development/Re-Inspiration,
  • Team and Group Programs, Workshops, Team and Group Coaching,
  • Personal Development Training for Leaders and Managers


Staff Self- Review, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Ottawa, 2016