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n recent years global perspective of Islam has been tinted with radicalism, rudeness that created hatred and most popularly Islamophobia. Islam is perceived as religion of war and controversy as oppose to religion that spreads ‘rahmah’ (compassion). Many Muslim organizations suffered from suspicions and have been under investigation for various reasons such as bringing radical speakers, training terrorists, mismanagement of charity fund to supply terrorist actions, and so on.

Allah played His roles with magic. The more negative media coverage, the more people learn about this religion. His Mighty strategy has brought mass Muslim refugees from Islamic countries to western life which certainly have changed demography of Islam believers in the face of the earth.

It is a common practice in Muslim community to seek advices and solutions to Imams, scholars or people who have knowledge about Islam. The Muslim scholars are the hope of the community members, the go to persons for many life issues. Negative perception of this religion is a reflection of certain behaviors of Muslims that have been practiced repetitively for a long time both conscious and unconsciously. The actions have become a habit where non-Muslims easily generalize and label the believers of this religion. When such action is carried out, people are already insensitive knowing that the action is wrong.

For this reason, IRSHAD Global developed thematic English programs in Canada for many different professionals. The primary program is Islamic study stream to help the Islamic scholars in developing countries to gain knowledge on serving communities in western context. The program is called Global Imam in Modern Context. The curriculum combines the “TEXT” and “CONTEXT”. The program allows students to increase knowledge on text of Islamic rulings (fiqh), which may have been taught in many Islamic seminaries all over the world, through four different mazhabs. Muslims who live in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Arabic countries in the Middle East, may have experienced being the majority in the respective countries. However, Muslims who live in the west, they are the minority in the community. Thus, issues emerge in the western context may have been diverse from those in the opposite side. What exceptional in the program is lectures open horizon on the contexts of applying the Islamic ‘text’ in western ‘context’. Imam and Muslims scholars are easily challenged to adapt to the western life. They are expected to serve beyond the door of the mosque. They are the preacher, the mentor, the educator, the advisors, the counselor, the ambassador, the diplomat. They are expected to show gentle care, good manner, people of ahlaq. These are the model of the modern Imam. They have to be prepared to be the Islamic cleric of the 21st century.

IRSHAD Global develops network with group of Muslims in Ottawa – Gatineau and the neighboring cities. Students will be guided by well-known Imams and scholars in Canada who will provide mentorship in the development of their English communications, and most importantly character building for readiness to embark into global perspective. Additionally, the Canadian Imams support the students with opportunities to deliver services in their mosques/ mushallas. In this way, students gain first-hand experience delivering Islamic services in Canadian setting, and improve English. The program focuses on developing Global Imam in Modern Context with emphasis on parallel implementation of Islamic Text and Western Context. This prepares the Imams to be able to serve religious duties in western culture and to respond appropriately to the global challenges. The prerequisite of this program is the completion of Module 1 to 4 of the online English courses. This thematic course is designed as the Practicum level of the graduates of the online classes.

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