About Us

The face of the world has rapidly changed due to the shift in the structure of communities from local to global citizens. People are communicating from all over the world, regardless of time differences, to share knowledge, skills, and values. The disadvantaged communities of many countries can voice their needs instantly to the world for help. There are vast opportunities to engage with faraway peers to pursue great efforts towards the betterment of humanity. Thus, people need to be skilled in communicating with others from around the world. The ability to communicate and express themselves internationally has become imperative.
Professionals from non-anglophone countries often find difficulty in performing at an international level due to their lack of ability to express themselves in English.


Ida Rafiqah Services for Humanity and Development Global (IRSHAD Global), helps non-English-speaking professionals to embark into a global stage to overcome language barriers to improve their productivity, facilitate understanding in communication, and increase the confidence needed to bring one’s best to the world stage. IRSHAD Global arrives as an answer to an increasing demand of skills in communication using English as a global language. It challenges these professionals to identify aims, set directions, and specify steps towards the goal. It sponsors and encourages to increase creativity, productiveness and effectiveness, and accelerate the achievement of the intended skills.

Likewise, IRSHAD Global introduces Bahasa Indonesia to the community in Canada through its partnership with Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Bahasa Indonesia is now listed as one of international languages in the school board’s International and Indigenous Language Program (IILP). The current classes are open from junior kindergarten (age 5) to grade 8 (age 13). Besides, IRSHAD Global welcomes individuals or group of professionals to learn Bahasa Indonesia which teaching materials customized to the unique needs of the individual/ group.

IRSHAD Global also conducts Indonesia Forum to promote Indonesia through series of academic and business engagement in Canada with Indonesian researchers, businesses and artists with Indonesian background. This program seeks to strengthen the good relationship between Indonesia and Canada.

IRSHAD Global is established in Ottawa, Canada by Ida Rafiqah, a humanitarian practitioner who has observed the worldwide shift from a local perspective to a global one. She feels the urgency of creating services for humanity and development global that incorporate Solution-Focused Coaching in all its initiatives that challenges its learners against age constraints, language barriers, and distance, to strive to achieve the intended goals and bring positive influence to the world.