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Mission Statement

Ida Rafiqah Services for Humanity and Development Global (IRSHAD Global), helps non-English-speaking professionals to embark into a global stage to overcome language barriers to improve their productivity, facilitate understanding in communication, and increase the confidence needed to bring one’s best to the world stage.

IRSHAD Global arrives as an answer to an increasing demand of skills in communication using English as a global language. It challenges these professionals to identify aims, set directions, and specify steps towards the goal. It sponsors and encourages to increase creativity, productiveness and effectiveness, and accelerate the achievement of the intended skills.

A Place For You

In IRSHAD Global’s English course, the classes modules are presented in a systematic way, combining motivation, grammar, and engagement with native speakers. I especially like the Resota method introduced by Ibu Ida, where the emphasis is on repetitive expression. That helps in improving our commitment to learning.


Dr. Rashida Suleiman

English and IELTS instructor

Yazan Nasreddin

Philanthropy and Charity Management course Instructor

Hanan Al Charief

Arabic and Classic Sufism Classes Convenor