Philanthropy and Charity Management course Instructor
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Is a humanitarian practitioner, with over 15 years in managing non-profit charitable organizations at managerial level as well as in the front line. He is experienced in developing and implementing a sustainable community fundraising strategy in order to raise funds and increase awareness and participation amongst supporters in the entire Canada. Many Muslim nonprofits in Canada were founded to help victims of conflicts and wars which continue to take place in Afghanistan, Gaza and Syria.

The number of nonprofit organizations continues to increase to respond to natural disaster in different parts of the world. Emotional ties with home countries triggered diaspora groups in Canada to raise funds to support organizations who came up with aid and relief solutions. Many organizations concentrate on taking care of landed immigrants and asylum seekers in Canada, as well as providing guidance on what the newcomers should know to embrace their new life in Canada smoothly.
Yazan brought a wealth of expertise in managing charitable organizations in particular with Muslims background. He has vast experience in developing a large network of donors, volunteers, friends, and supporters whom will serve humanitarian causes he is working on. He leads teams and works collaboratively with colleagues across the organization to plan, deliver, and evaluate fundraising initiatives and maximize income generation opportunities, among other responsibilities. He worked with the Board of Trustees to coordinate company’s direction and polices, and cultivate liaison with associations, agencies, and volunteers.
Yazan holds a master’s degree in Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management and Leadership from Carleton University, Ottawa, a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from McGill University, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University, Montreal. Yazan is currently serving Islamic Relief Canada as the Eastern Ontario and Ottawa Regional Manager. He strengthens the team of IRSHAD Global for courses on Philanthropy and Charity’s Leadership and Management.