Forum of Indonesia

Forum Of Indonesia

The Forum of Indonesia is designed to be a platform for individuals or group of professionals who are interested in Indonesia and/ or Canada. Once a year an opportunity is opened to welcome presentation of projects and ideas, findings, new inventions, and a variety of efforts as ways to strengthen the bond between Canada and Indonesia. IRSHAD Global presents traders, businessmen, researchers, students, artists, politicians, religious scholars, and others with Indonesian origin in Canada as well as fellow Canadians with an interest in Indonesia to organize a conference in Ottawa. From this small event IRSHAD Global plants the seed for a global collaboration of a Conscious Global Network.
While the primary focus is to present Indonesians who are within the boundary of Canada and Indonesia, the notion of global network opens wide for Indonesians who live in other countries all over the world. And the success of the event is achieved by the mentorship provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Ottawa, Canada, the ‘sesepuh” (respected elders) of the Indonesian community in the entire Canada and the US, and the hard work of dedicated Indonesian diaspora. Each year one particular theme for discussion will be announced. These would include topics on education, health, women, vulnerable groups, trades, faith, culture, aid relief, and the like. It is an invitation to all who have envisioned and have been dedicated to achieve strengthened collaborations between Indonesia and Canada. Despite Covid19 calamity, IRSHAD Global is planning to conduct the Forum virtually.

Proposals are accepted at any time of the year. The panel reviewer will contact applicant(s) accordingly upon achieving decisions. Send your proposal(s) to
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“ In IRSHAD Global’s English course, the classes modules are presented in a systematic way, combining motivation, grammar, and engagement with native speakers. I especially like the Resota method introduced by Ibu Ida, where the emphasis is on repetitive expression. That helps in improving our commitment to learning. I recommend everyone to try this approach of Irshad Global.”
Andi Tenri Sukki

Andi Tenri Sukki


“Hi, my full name is Zulfia Yusuf and you can call me Fia. I am a teacher at Junior High School. I live at Sawangan Depok, Indonesia. After joining conversation class in IRSHAD Global, I have the courage to speak to everyone, not only in front of my students. And I get tips and teach how to be more effective.”

Zulfia Yusuf


“I am very grateful to participate in the IRSHAD Global’s English course. The material and engaging and presented very professional. I encourage government officials and people in business who deal with documents in English in their daily jobs to take part in this program.”

Abdul Rahman

Government official

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