Our Team

Is a residence Imam in the mosque of South Nepean Muslim Community (SNMC), Ottawa. He is a dynamic promoter and motivator of interfaith relations in Canada. He was born in Bosnia, where he received his formal training as an Imam. He received his BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language from the International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oregon, Faculty of Education, Eugene OR, the United States of America and a Doctorate from Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Education, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Dr. Delic brought joy to IRSHAD Global for his leadership on a program of Global Imam in the Modern Context. The program helps Islamic scholars in developing countries to gain knowledge on text of Islamic rulings (fiqh), as well as preparedness to immerse in the modern world.  The need that has never been greater to explore. The concepts of Muslim identity, integration, citizenship, belonging and loyalty, in the here and now. Dr. Delic’s book Islam in the West: Beyond Integration presents a vibrant discussion on the most debated issues regarding Canadian Muslims and their faith—Islam in modern Canada. 


The book examines some of these issues in detail, raising questions for both Canadian Muslims and the wider Canadian society, and offers substantial material for an open and democratic discourse.

In 2008 Dr. Delic was honored for a decade of continuous volunteer service by the Province of Ontario and in both 2009 and 2010 he was included in the prestigious publication, “The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World,” edited by John Esposito and Ibrahim Kalin, Islamic Studies scholars at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Dr. Zijad Delic, Advisor, Director of Program

Yazan Nasreddin, Philanthropy and Charity Management course Instructor


Is a humanitarian practitioner, with over 15 years in managing non-profit charitable organizations at managerial level as well as in the front line. He is experienced in developing and implementing a sustainable community fundraising strategy in order to raise funds and increase awareness and participation amongst supporters in the entire Canada. Many Muslim nonprofits in Canada were founded to help victims of conflicts and wars which continue to take place in Afghanistan, Gaza and Syria. 


The number of nonprofit organizations continues to increase to respond to natural disaster in different parts of the world. Emotional ties with home countries triggered diaspora groups in Canada to raise funds to support organizations who came up with aid and relief solutions. Many organizations concentrate on taking care of landed immigrants and asylum seekers in Canada, as well as providing guidance on what the newcomers should know to embrace their new life in Canada smoothly.
Yazan brought a wealth of expertise in managing charitable organizations in particular with Muslims background. He has vast experience in developing a large network of donors, volunteers, friends, and supporters whom will serve humanitarian causes he is working on. He leads teams and works collaboratively with colleagues across the organization to plan, deliver, and evaluate fundraising initiatives and maximize income generation opportunities, among other responsibilities. He worked with the Board of Trustees to coordinate company’s direction and polices, and cultivate liaison with associations, agencies, and volunteers.
Yazan holds a master’s degree in Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management and Leadership from Carleton University, Ottawa, a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from McGill University, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University, Montreal. Yazan is currently serving Islamic Relief Canada as the Eastern Ontario and Ottawa Regional Manager. He strengthens the team of IRSHAD Global for courses on Philanthropy and Charity’s Leadership and Management.

Dr Rasmi Ginting, Child Education Specialist


Rasmi is a pedagogue with over 18 years of experience in child education in Canada. She is skilled in developing curricula and learning materials with a focus on developing languages, science, math, social and physical skills for young children. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education from the University of Montreal in 2008. During her professional career, she has supervised over a dozen trainees in the field of education and childhood care. Earlier in her life, she was a lecturer in higher education of information and technology in Indonesia.
She holds a PhD in the field of information and communication, and a master’s degree in Information science from France. She is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, English and French.
Dr. Rasmi takes a lead role in the development of curriculum of Bahasa Indonesia for children. Her vast knowledge and experience on early childhood development in Canadian setting enrich the curriculum and teaching materials. She provides significant insights and advises in all aspects of the learning process. She is well known among the community of Indonesian in Ottawa and Montreal, thus she is trusted by many for the education of the children.

Dr. Rashida Suleiman, English Course Instructor


Rashida is a professional IELTS trainer, a pedagogue with a vast accumulation of pedagogic noesis in assisting disciples in attaining their desired band scores in IELTS. She has produced perfect 9 bands 21 times and 8 and above 200+ times. She booked a record of no student getting below 7 band.
She holds a PhD in English from Greatwood University of Oregon, USA, with a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Andhra University, India. She is a certified International Baccalaureate Coordinator and a Certified Cambridge Exam Officer.
“I believe a student needs to learn the basics of the English language before getting into IELTS preparation. I prepare them with grammar, rich practice worksheets and then eventually take them to win the IELTS test.”
She is experienced in adapting to classrooms with modern needs and incorporating technology into lessons. She is also dedicated to optimizing student experiences and understanding through enthusiastic and innovative methods. Everyone loves her dynamic classes!

Hanan Al Charief, Arabic and Classic Sufism Classes Convenor

A sufi woman who travelled the world and have brought her to where she is at now. An ordinary woman originally from Damascus, Syria, who is not under a spotlight, but bring success to many in her surroundings. Her voices are only heard by her praying mats singing her longing to God while embracing others to stay firm in the journey.

A sufi who has wandered life in both hemispheres and found Canada as the final nesting place, to this platform. We may learn from the many fragrances of life she has breathed and the many grains of sands on her feet.
A series of collaborative conversations which connect at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision. It enables process of discovery and the realization of own life.

Mankind are ordered to know each other that they may advise one another to strengthen the grip on God’s rope.


Ida Rafiqah, Founder, CEO


Ida is a Certified Solution-Focused Coach with a deep understanding on adult learning methodologies to provide effective learning solutions through instructor-led and online channels. She understands adult and child development and learning through a variety of programs and services developed at the community level. She is skillful and able to facilitate learning and classes with adults and children at focus.
As a native Indonesian, Ida is teaching Bahasa Indonesia to children in Ottawa as well as adults (professionals) who need the language in their professional career. Likewise, Ida convenes English classes for professionals from non-English speaking countries. Ida has supported a variety of groups of professionals and continues expanding to reach out to those in needs of this global language from different parts of the world.
She graduated with a master’s degree in Public Health from Auckland University, is educated in International Affairs Management at Carleton University, as well as Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarian Program at Harvard University. With over 20 years of experience with reputation management consultancies, Ida is experienced in managing humanitarian issues in complex topics in both developing and developed countries. Ida has supported numerous NGOs around the world for development project management, corporate public relations and organizational capacity development and learning.