2.3 Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Canada

IRSHAD Global in its history was born among groups of friends of Indonesian origin.
IRSHAD Global recognizes Bahasa Indonesia language as our language. Bahasa Indonesia, is an important part of our identity. However, do we know what language are our children speaking in their interactions with family members at home? Keeping a language alive can be very challenging when English or French is the dominant.
As parents, we too have our own activities, so we easily follow the language that the children speak at school and in the neighborhood. Soon our children are grown up. By then we realize that they don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia anymore. Are we going to let the Bahasa Indonesia disappear from our spoken language?
IRSHAD Global in collaboration with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board opens registration for Bahasa Indonesia language courses as one of the languages enlisted in the International and Indigenous Language Program (IILP). Indonesian Language Courses For Kids from JK to grade 8. Let’s make our children and grandchildren continue to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

VIRTUAL Classes start on Saturday 17 October 2020, 9.30 am- 12.00pm, online and FREE.